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Good morning Chris, 


We’re just coming back from our honeymoon so we apologize for the late response. We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team for everything you did for us on our day. 


I don’t know what we would have done with out the captains. I was dreading experiencing the frantic wedding craze worrying about weather, the set up, etc. But thanks to them it was nothing like that! Our captains were attentive and communicated with us the whole night making sure we were able to eat and drink and just have fun. They even helped us during photos hold our bridesmaid’s 1 year old so she could feel included. Your staff is extremely empathic and caring and it shows. 


We spoke to our guests and they raved about the food. Shout out to your team for making the spooky charcuterie board it was so creative and beautiful! But of course the most common thing talked about was that the paella was AMAZING. It was a hot topic the day after & completely took the show. 


Also Dillon was easily one of the coolest wedding DJs we have met. From our first call we could tell we were going to love him. He is so personable and easy to get along with. And he was very helpful during set up as well, who else can say that about their DJ? He made the night an absolute blast. 


Thank you for helping us through a day that could have been extremely stressful but turned into a breeze because of your team. We are so glad we could be your last hoorah for the season. :) 


All the best, 


Mishka & Iris 

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