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No do-overs.... no second chances

Don't just take our word!



So sorry for the delay!


We had the most incredible time at our wedding, and so much of that was because we felt we could really be present and take it all in, knowing that you and your team had everything covered. 


I really feel we got so lucky to choose you from the caterers we were checking out - you were amazing throughout the process and that wealth of experience you have in weddings really paid off when it came to decision making. Appreciate the brainstorming together, the sharing, and the kindness, patience, and creativity you and everyone on your team displayed.


The day of - some of my favorite memories include walking into the reception area and being wow-ed at how beautiful it was and how it all came together, saying hello and thank you to your exceptional team and sharing laughs and smiles with them, and watching my mom invite Kaye to take a 2 minute break and dance with her! 


You and your team are special and I am so grateful to have worked with you.


And the food - wow! It was such a blend of our cultures and everyone raved about everything they ate - from the appetizers to the stations to the desserts. The chicken tandoori, Chilean sea bass, and all the appetizers were so good! It was also so thoughtful of the team to keep our food warm while we were going around to say hello and thank you to guests! So appreciate as well how you worked with us for a signature drink and the thoughtful fall touches of mulled cider and other ingredients. Oh and the fruit and cheese platter - looked so pretty and was a hit!


Thank you for everything! We are so grateful to you and your team. And so appreciate you helping us find other stellar support with Dillon and Daniella too!


Adeela and Enghin

November 2o23

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