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Hi Chris,


We 110% agree, CHEC absolutely "Knocked It Out Of The Park" - just as promised -  for Maddie and Alex's wedding at Candlelight Farm October 7th.  It was the most beautiful experience any of us could have imagined.


If I could have Alison run my days for the rest of my life, I'd be the luckiest girl in the world.  You weren't kidding, no need for a day-of planner to orchestrate the events of the day.  Let me start with how impressed we were from the moment we had our walk through with Alison.  She exceeded even the expectation set that night. All our jitters slid away.  Maddie said she took some of our "under-developed" ideas and we ended up with an event that appeared meticulously planned at every turn.  Maddie was also so impressed when Alison stood behind her on some of her last minute requests - we knew she was there to make us happy and calm. It worked!  And, I loved Alison taking charge of the details for the wind down "party"  - I couldn't imagine how you pull off a grand wedding and still cover every detail like picking up and keeping pizza hot for the bridal party afterwards!  And our final treat was really appreciated: a plate full of all the station selections which we were so grateful to have the day after (still delicious by the way!) - what a nice touch!!  


Alex appreciated the confidence that was demonstrated throughout the process, and every detail that was covered.  Being able to focus on family and friends, and the momentous emotion of the day was invaluable to us all.  The feedback I received from the grandparents, also highly impressed with the entire event from start to finish, was they were treated like VIPs to ensure they were comfortable from beginning to end by the entire staff. They had a fabulous time!


We continue to hear rave reviews about the food from family and friends, and honestly, while Steve and I are not often impressed with "wedding food", everything (and we DID taste just about everything!) was SO good. And hot!  I have never been to an event with stations where the food tasted exceptional and remained hot. Kudos to your entire team for making it look effortless, exuding perfection and professionalism


The greatest compliment - just what we hoped for - is that people are getting together and want to relive  "the best wedding ever attended".


Thank you for making every minute of the day incredibly special  - we are forever grateful!


Our very best wishes to you and your team 💟


Liz and Steve Dorso

October 2022

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