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No do-overs.... no second chances

Don't just take our word!

Chris (A.K.A. Sir, Mr. Angione, The BOSS, The Man, Mr. I ain't messin with him, etc)  haha!


I have typed, erased, re-typed, and re-erased this email probably 10 times now trying to find the right words to express our gratitude for you, your crew, and what you pulled off for our wedding (the most amazing wedding ever!!).  Now that we are home from the honeymoon and finally unwinding from it all (kind of...because everyone keeps talking about the wedding and the food and the venue), I can finally sit and type this out....


First of all, I am so thankful that Daniela and Barry sent us in your direction when we began planning our special day.  If that didn't happen, I know our day would not have been so perfect and memorable.  After our first meeting, Henry and I agreed that you were hot shit, and had to be a part of our wedding.  You were a no non-sense, zero BS kind of guy that we felt 100% confident having as our caterer/ wedding planner (the fact that you are Italian helped as well LOL!!!).  I laugh thinking about the day I told you I wanted to hire a wedding planner and I believe your exact words were, "You better not get a damn wedding planner!  That's what I'm here for!!"  You weren't kidding.  I had no idea what I was doing, or what we needed to get done when, or where to go or who to hire....BUT you did.  You directed us to all the right people, and all of you together helped to make our day absolutely AMAZING AND PERFECT!!!  I love each and every one of you so much, and feel I can never really say how appreciative I am to have had the pleasure of meeting and working with all of you.  


There was many emails, phone calls, meetings, and events leading up to the big day that went by faster than Earnhardt Jr at the Daytona 500!!!  You told me it would come up fast and go by even faster that day.....boy were you right.  I just hope I didn't drive you or anyone else (Nancy, Diane, Sarah, Paul)  too nuts leading up to the wedding.  You were always a breath of fresh air when I was getting nervous or questioning a decision, and I can't thank you enough for that.  You were always accommodating and understanding, and able to calm my nerves and lend advice.  I knew if I had a problem or concern, you would solve it and figure it out without issue.  I called Diane my "wedding mom" and you were definitely like my "wedding dad;" there to kick me in the butt when needed, lend an ear, give advice, problem solve, and make sure that I was staying on task and on schedule so that this day all came together.  Thank you so much for all you did leading up to our wedding day.


Now, to try to properly and correctly thank you for all you did the weekend of the wedding.  Just like a father would, you stopped by the farm the night before to make sure we were OK, settling into the Inn, and didn't need anything to relax.  Thank you for checking on us, and making sure my girls and I were good (which we were...we felt like queens).  

I think every bride prays and hopes and wishes that it will not rain on their wedding day.  I did.  oh hell yes I did....rosary beads hanging in my window on the eve of the wedding and all.  It wasn't supposed to really rain....what did they say?  30% chance of rain after like 7pm or so?  Which would have been completely fine; the ceremony and cocktail hour would have been done, and we would have been under tent drinking, eating and dancing.  HAHA!!  The Gods were not with us and it rained.  I think everyone else was stressing about it more than I was!!!  I was cool as a cucumber all day....even when the rain started.  What were we going to do?  We can't control the weather, and God didn't want to hear us that weekend.  I don't know how you and your crew did it.  I have no idea how you got everything for the ceremony under the tent (dried of as well), and so quickly, effortlessly (or so it seemed to all of us onlookers), and flawlessly so that our wedding could take place and be absolutely perfect and beautiful.  I am still smiling about that day and the ceremony.  It was so gorgeous and perfect Chris, thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well.  After the ceremony we left to the side house to do formals, and to my amazement the tent was perfectly set up for the reception and all of our guests were happy and having a wonderful time.  

OH AND THE FOOD!!!  We and our guests are still RAVING about how great the food was!!!  I am so glad we listened to you and did was the best thing to do for the amount of people we had.  Everything from the paella, the steak, the pasta, the pork, and that salad were all delicious!!!!!  I can't say enough how happy we are with the food and the service.  I am so thankful Kristen took me around to get food and made me sit and eat, because it was incredible.  I am also so thankful for Chris taking such good care of our "baby" Gino!  Kris and Chris were just great, as well as the rest of the crew (and big thanks to Erica for staying on top of certain people and making sure they had a wonderful time and no complaints).


We may have had rain and a late guest bus, but it didn't matter, because you and your captains and chefs and crew made our day wonderfully perfect and flawless.  We were and still are so happy with every single thing that day.  Even the rain!!!  Our favorite picture is of us under an umbrella....which never would have happened if it didn't rain :)  Our wedding was the best day of our life, and we (us, our family and friends) will talk about it forever.  Thank you for taking on our wedding and working with us to make it so awesome.  Daniela and Barry were truly are the best and you know all of the best people.  Thank you for introducing us to Diane, Sarah, Pauly, and Nancy.  Without this crew, our wedding would have been mediocre and forgettable.  I am not a traditional, wedding banquet, bouquet throwing kind of girl and nothing about you and your crew or what you guys can accomplish is even in the same category of ordinary or banquet worthy.  You guys are above and beyond talented.  


Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you a million.

I hope to see and talk to you soon.  We are in for Jan. for sure!!!  As well as dinner or drinks in December or so  :)


We miss you already!!!  LOL

And We Love much!!!

Stacey and Henry


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